Generate transcripts so you can read along while watching, share quotes, navigate through streams, make slices, and search for specific terms.


Open and Generate Transcripts

  1. Opening transcripts is the first step to viewing transcripts of a video.
  2. Click transcripts located in the media info bar
  3. Click generate transcript, located in the transcription window


Follow Along with Transcripts

  1. Following along lets you read transcripts as you watch a video.
  2. Open and generate a transcript for the video
  3. The current text is always placed in the top ¼ of the widget when synced*
  4. If you scroll away from the current transcript, your video will become unsynced. Click the Sync Transcript button to resync the transcript.
* The video will automatically be synced with the transcript.


Navigate Videos Using Transcripts

Using transcripts lets you quickly jump around in videos by clicking on a transcript section.
  1. Open and generate a transcript for the video
  2. Hover over a section of the transcript
  3. Timestamp will appear for the specific point in the transcript that corresponds with the video
  4. Click on the section of the transcript text to jump to that point in the video


Search for Terms in Transcripts

The search bar in transcripts lets you easily search for words and phrases relevant to your work.
  1. Open and generate a transcript for the video
  2. Type your word or phrase in the search bar
  3. All words or phrases matching your search will populate

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