Add Videos to an Event Add Videos to an Event

Add Videos to an Event

There are two ways you can add videos to an event. You can add stream videos directly to the Live Aware using mobile and desktop apps. You can also upload existing videos.

Streaming with the Desktop Recorder

  1. Select an event and click go live
  2. Type the name of your stream in the text box and click the blue arrow
  3. Adjust screen and camera quality, FPS, and mic if needed by toggling through the camera, and mic icons
  4. Click go live to start streaming
  5. Click end stream to stop streaming

Uploading a Video

  1. Within your event Library, click uploads
  2. Select browse
  3. Select the video you’d like to upload
  4. Click open - your video will start uploading immediately


Record and Upload a Video

  1. Select or Create an event in the Desktop Recorder
  2. Disable live streaming by switching the Live Stream Enabled toggle to Disabled
  3. Click Record
  4. Click End Stream
  5. Your recording will be automatically uploaded to Live Aware

Pro Tips

  • Have your game already launched and ready to go in the background. When ready to stream all you will need to do is swipe back to the game
  • While streaming have your phone on Do Not Disturb so notifications do not interfere with your stream

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