Analyzing a Video with a Summary Analyzing a Video with a Summary

Analyzing a Video with a Summary

With Live Aware's Video Summary feature, you can quickly generate a summary for any video, giving you a executive level summary, and highlights.


Generate Video Summary

Insight reports provide a recap of the video so you can quickly get high-level takeaways.

  1. Click on the Summary icon in the media info bar.
  2. Your video Summary report will be generated.
  3. Click the expand button in the top right corner to see a larger detailed view of your summary with bolded headings and specific sections.Generate_Insights.gif


Generate Additional Summaries

You can generate additional summaries to compare and contrast video insights.
  1. Click the generate additional summaries button located at the bottom of the Summary widget
  2. Another video summary is generatedRegenerate_Insight.gif

Pro Tips

  • Your video summaries will be titled with the date they are created
  • If you generate multiple summaries on the same day, the additional summaries will be appended with a number to show that it was the second summary generated for example 8.8.2023 (1)

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