Participating in Team Chat While Watching Streams Participating in Team Chat While Watching Streams

Participating in Team Chat While Watching Streams

Team Chat lets you and your teammates connect for a conversation, both on the Live Aware website and in the Live Aware Desktop Recorder. You can join the chat while viewing streams, or include Team Chat as part of your Livestream. When Livestreaming with Team Chat enabled, it will be recorded and transcribed as a separate audio channel.

Each Team Chat session is linked with an Event on Live Aware, so the Event you are currently viewing in Live Aware, or that you have selected in Live Aware Desktop Recorder will determine which Team Chat session you join.


Initiate Voice Chat

  1. Talk to your teammates if you’re viewing the same event.
  2. Click on the headphone icon in the top right corner - if you hover you will see “start voice chat”
  3. You will now be in the voice chat and other members will now see a notification to join.
  4. Click ‘X’ to leave
*If you leave the chat, you will still be able to see the team members in the chat and re-join if you’d like.


Change Your Microphone and Speaker

  1. Adjust your microphone and speaker depending on what sounds the best with your setup.
  2. Click on the icon to the left of your avatar
  3. Microphone and speaker dropdowns will appear
  4. Select which microphone and speakers you would like to be active


Mute/ Unmute Your Microphone

  1. Click on the microphone icon to mute
  2. A slash will appear through both the microphone icon and the microphone icon overlaid on your avatar
  3. To unmute, click the microphone icon again