Livestreaming Mic and Camera Separately Livestreaming Mic and Camera Separately

Livestreaming Mic and Camera Separately

The camera and microphone streams are now displayed separately from the main game video. This lets you view the game footage without obstructions while independently controlling game audio and microphone volumes for various feeds. For even more control, you can turn off the camera completely and focus on viewing the video. Additionally, audio feeds are now independently processed for transcription, so you can choose which transcript source to view - either game audio or microphone audio.

Toggle Camera and Mic On/ Off

You have two different options when deciding how to toggle on/ off camera and mic.

Option 1 - Media Info Bar

Turn off both camera and mic simultaneously by clicking the webcam icon located in the media info bar.

Option 2 - Camera Feed

Using the camera feed, you can independently toggle on/ off both camera and mic as well as adjust microphone levels.



Select Transcript Sources

Select the transcript you'd like to view while watching your video.

  1.  From the transcripts window click the transcript source arrow
  2. Select the transcript source you'd like to view




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