The Insights Dashboard is the central hub for collecting and accessing all player feedback. With the Insights Dashboard, any team member can effortlessly view, sort, find, and triage player feedback. After players capture video using Live Aware, transcripts are processed and created, and insights are ready to be generated with the click of a button.

Using the Insights Dashboard makes invaluable player feedback actionable, greatly expedites your workflow, and eliminates the need to scrub through hours of video just to find key insights. Now with a few seconds and even fewer clicks, you can go from identifying key insights to making them actionable.

The Insights Dashboard features a grid of insight cards that have been divided into three categories; bugs, areas of improvement, and positive feedback. Each insight compiles like feedback and presents it with a title, description, and all relevant evidence. If more streams are added to the same event, you can generate additional insights and incorporate that feedback. Live Aware will update existing insights or create new ones based on the findings from the new transcripts. 

Insights can be actioned in several ways; share links to insights, export them as a CSV file, or even share them straight to Jira. Once actioned, you can then mark insights as processed.

Note: We are so excited for you to use this new feature! But, we also want you to know that because insights are tied to transcripts, transcription processing must finish before your insights can be generated. The good news is that transcription processing happens automatically, but as your videos get longer transcription processing may also take longer.


Access the Event Wide Insights Dashboard

From an event, accessing the dashboard is your first step to acting on insights faster.

  1. Using the event canvas menu, click on the lightbulb
  2. This will instantly take you to the Insights Dashboard

FINAL_ Access_Insights_dash.gif

Generate Event Insights

Generate event insights with one click.

  1. From the Insights Dashboard click Generate Insights
  2. Your insights will start generating

*If you’ve streamed additional videos that you’d like to gather insights from, click the sync button at the top of the page to generate additional insights.


Search Insights

Search insights by keywords.

  1. Start typing in the search box
  2. Only insights containing your keyword will be shown to you


Filter Insights

Filter insights by type.

  1. Click the filter icon
  2. Select the categories you want to see
  3. Click outside of the filter area to apply filter


Insight Dashboard Menu

Using the insight dashboard menu you can copy insights link and/or export insights as a  CSV.

  1. Select the Insight Dashboard Menu
  2. Click either copy link or export all insights as CSV
  3. Your link will be copied instantly and/ or export will automatically start


Process an Insight

Move individual insights to processed once acknowledged

  1. Find the insight card you want to process
  2. Mark as processed in the top left corner 
  3. Insight will automatically move to the processed section at the bottom of the page


Insight Card Menu

Using the Insight Card Menu you can copy, add to Jira, export, and delete individual insights

  1. Hover over the Insight Card
  2. The Insight Card Menu will appear in the top right corner
  3. Select the action you’d like to take; copy, add to Jira, export, or delete


Insight Card Window

Click on an insight to watch video slice(s), and view source video(s) and supporting quotes.

  1. Select an insight card to open the card window.
  2. In the card window; read supporting quotes, watch source videos, or open source videos in new windows


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