You can now link your Live Aware and Slack accounts. This integration enables notifications that can be sent to a specific Slack channel when new content is added to the team.

Connect Live Aware to Slack

Linking your Live Aware and Slack accounts is the first step to having an integrative experience between these two platforms.
  1. From the dashboard, click on your avatar
  2. Select settings
  3. On the left-hand side, select apps and integrations
  4. Find Slack, click connect
  5. Click allow for Slack and Live Aware to connect
  6. Once connected, you will see that your connect button now says options

Enable Slack Notifications for Streams, Clips, and Uploads

Enabling notifications lets you know in Slack when someone has started a stream, uploaded a video, or created a clip.
  1. From apps and integrations find Slack and click options
  2. Click the selection box and select what channel notifications are sent to
  3. Click on the X or anywhere outside of the Slack Integration Options box to exit

Share an Event, Comment, and Video URLs on Slack

Copying and pasting a URL to Slack will create a rich preview of what you’ve shared.
  1. Copy the URL of what you’d like to share
  2. Paste into Slack


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