This glossary defines common terms you’ll see while working in Live Aware.

Timestamped comments you can make on a video where you can tag topics, mention teammates, and create a thread.

The dashboard is the main page where you can navigate between your projects, events, and videos.

Desktop Recorder
Desktop App used for recording and streaming videos to Live Aware.

Events are where you analyze your data and make it actionable. One or more videos can be contained within an event.

Event Canvas
The space where you watch videos, create annotations, and navigate through the event library.

Event Library
A repository housing all videos in an event.

On the dashboard, easily find events by filtering either by the creator’s name or if the event has been starred. In the event library, you can filter for video creators.

Live Aware’s video summary and reports feature.

Media Info Bar
Located in the top middle of the Event Interface while a video is selected. This bar contains the name of the currently playing video, as well as buttons for Annotations, Transcripts, and Insights.

An external player who has been added to an Event. They can securely livestream directly to your team.

Your workspace encompasses all of your events and videos.

Search all events and videos in a Project by typing a keyword or the name of someone in your Project. 

View account settings; only Admins will be able to change your account settings.

Single Video Mode
Use to view and analyze one video at a time.

Next-generation clips! Right now they contain the video clip and transcript. In the near future, this will contain other data to understand the game state, including event logs, device diagnostics, and input data.

A video that is recorded live from the desktop recorder that can be watched in real-time.

A reply to an original video annotation.

A text-based representation of what was said in a video on Live Aware.

Uploads videos straight to an event.

Video Playback Bar
Located at the bottom middle of the event interface while playing a video. The video playback bar lets you play, pause, rewind, or fast forward through a video.

Voice Chat
A feature that allows you to chat with members of your project who are viewing the same event.

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